Feeling Bankruptcy 



This is the first official Blog for


To start it has been decided to dispense with the technical rules and standard analysis of Bankruptcy situations.


Lets start by talking about feelings.  Feelings of bankruptcy.  Feelings of life.  Feelings of our understanding of lifes goals.  Feelings about bills and happiness (omg using the words bills and happiness together is so profound).


Do you want to get out of the bills? Is it time for a fresh start at life?  Do you feel something has gone wrong with your financial plan and lifes goals?


We are all in the same situation.  We tried our best but nothing goes according to plan.  And sometimes we find ourselves in difficult situations and life circumstances.  These things just happen.  It is not necessarily anyones fault.


What should we do? Is it time to start evaluating the things we have done so far that led us up to this point?  How do we make it better? How will we find a way to make us happy again?


And that is why we are here.  Lets find the answers together.



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